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Mr. Brian Ramsey is the Regional Development Director at Amalgamated Security Services and its Caribbean subsidiaries with primary responsibility for the company's operations in the other Caribbean Islands. Mr. Ramsey has 25 years experience in security activities in Trinidad and the Caribbean region.

Brian Ramsey has been a Director of security companies in Trinidad, Guyana, Barbados, and Jamaica. He has served on several committees which have included, crime & Justice Sub-committee of the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Commerce, National Security and Public Safety Sub-committee of the 2020 Multisectoral Group, Standing Committee on Crime Ministry of National Security, October 2000 - May 2001.

Mr. Brian Ramsey graduated with honors from the University of South Florida with a Masters in Business Administration concentrating in Finance. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors form St Leo University in Florida, where he majored in Management and Accounting. In addition to his experience in the security field, Mr. Ramsey also has experience in the corporate sector, having worked as an accountant within the Neal & Massy group.

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John Aboud Financial Director

Mr. John Aboud is the Finance Director at Amalgamated Security Services Limited with overall responsibility for the financial affairs of the company and its subsidiaries. Mr. Aboud's business experience spans over 33 years. In addition to his role within Amalgamated Security, Mr. John Aboud is also involved in the security arena in the following areas:

  • Chairman of Crime Stoppers Trinidad & Tobago Limited
  • Chairman of Crime and Justice Committee of Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Cabinet Appointed National Drug Council
  • Member of the Cabinet appointed Deportee Sub-committee under the Chairmanship of the Commissioner of Police
  • Chairman ASCOTT - Association of Security Companies of Trinidad and Tobago
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Dr. Michael Aboud (Honorary) Chairman

Mr. Michael Aboud is the founder and Executive Chairman of Amalgamated Security Services Limited and the Chairman of Alternative Security Services Limited. He has over 25 years of experience in the security field and is considered one of the leading experts in the Caribbean Security industry.

Mr. Aboud is a Security Alarm and CCTV Consultant, a certified Hostage Negotiator and a Certified Firearms Instructor/Expert, Special Weapons and Tactics (home firearm safety, shotgun, personal protection, pistol and rifle) plus a certified Body Guard (VIP Protection). In Addition he is qualified in Detection/Prevention of Internal Business Fraud and Theft (Caribbean Institute of Forensic Investigations Limited) and qualified in Visual Detection of Forgeries, Alterations and Counterfeit. He has performed Intelligence and Counter Intelligence work at the national level. He is also a key advisor in kidnapping negotiations in the private sector. Michael Aboud is a former Ernst & Young Service Excellence Entrepreneur of the Year winner. 

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Sherdonna Wells Accountant

Ms. Sher-Donna Wells is an experienced Accountant, having worked in the accounting field holding the positions of Payable Clerk, Auditor, Assistant Accountant and Divisional Accountant in various established organizations, culminating in the post of Senior Accounts Officer with Minvielle and Chastanet Limited.

Ms. Wells holds certification from the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, as well as "A" Level,  passes in Accounting, Economics, and Management of Business.

Ms. Wells, throughout her various attachments, has developed skills in a range of accounting software, with training in a number of key areas which will add
value to the operations of alternative Security Services Limited.


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Melvin Le Compte Assistant Operations Coordinator

Mr. Melvin Le Compte is employed in the post of Assistant Operations Coordinator with Alternative Security Services Limited. Mr. Le Compte has been employed with the company for the past eight [8] years.

Mr. Le Compte provides senior-level support in ensuring that all locations of Alternative Security Services (St Lucia) Limited are operating effectively, and maintains constant contact with our valued clients to ensure quick resolution of staffing issues.


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Elcana Hunte Senior Operations Coordinator

Mr. Elcana Hunte comes with a background in safety and security management, having served in various senior security positions within a number of security firms both overseas, and locally including the St Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority.

Mr. Hunte is a certified Emergency Medical Technician from the UniversityofTechnology in Jamaica, and is also CPR trained.

Mr. Hunte is responsible for general oversight of all locations of Alternative Security Services [St Lucia] Limited, and in that regard, maintains contact with our valued clients to ensure customer satisfaction is maintained.

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Marvin Cherubin Operations Manager

After having completed a Diploma in Business Studies from Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, St Lucia, Mr. Marvin Cherubin went on to accumulate experience in the accounting field with a number of local firms, including the post of Operations Manager of The Cell [a subsidiary of the Digicel telecommunications company in St Lucia].

Mr. Cherubin commenced his employment with Alternative Security Services (St Lucia) Limited as a Payroll Assistant and was soon promoted to the Post of Operations Coordinator and subsequently to his current position of Operations Manager.

Mr. Cherubin provides managerial oversight over the operational activities of the company.


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Elena Plummer Human Resource/Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Elena Plummer is an experienced Human Resource Practitioner, having held middle-level human resource management positions within the Public Sector over a period spanning eleven [11] years at the following public sector agencies:

  • Human Resource Specialist, Customs and Excise Department
  • Assistant Postmaster General [with responsibility for human resource
    management], St Lucia Postal Service
  • Assistant Administrative Officer [with responsibility for human resource
    management], Royal Saint Lucia Police Force
  • Manager, Civil Status Registry, and
  • Assistant Director, Human Resources, Victoria Hospital.

Ms. Plummer holds an Executive Diploma in Human Resource Management from the Cave Hill School of Business in Barbados.
Ms. Plummer is specifically focused on Performance Management and Staff Development, with a strong passion for engendering excellence within the work environment. As a result, she has sought and obtained training in the following areas —

  • Train the Trainers, Cave Hill School of Business, Barbados
  • Peer Mentoring. Charney and Associates, USA
  • Event Planning, Arthur Lok Jack School ofBusiness, Trinidad


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