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Patrol Response Services

Our mobile patrol service are customized to a client’s needs with extensive consideration given towards the risk, the client’s environment, lifestyle, and discretion required.

Patrol Response Services

Our Patrol Response Teams provide a valuable support to our St lucian customers. In the event of an emergency, our clients are assured that an Emergency Response Unit will be dispatched to the location.


The use of our Response Service eliminates companies having to cause a staff member to leave their home to investigate the cause of alarm activation and face a potentially dangerous situation alone. Where required, our Response Teams will remain on the premises to await the arrival of the customer representative to conduct further investigations or secure the premises.


In instances where a customer does not feel the need to employ a static security officer but wishes to maintain the security of their premises, Alternative Security St. Lucia provides a mobile patrol service. This mobile patrol service is provided to commercial and residential clients and can be tailor made to meet the needs of each of our valued clients. Customers can choose the number of visits that they want to their premises during any time period.

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