Alternative Security Services Limited

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It is the policy of Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) to consistently supply its customers with services and products that conform to agreed specifications.

ASSL aims to maintain and enhance its position as the leading regional supplier of security services and products through a rigid Quality Management System that commits to public safety; respects human rights; upholds applicable laws; practices acceptable conduct and ethical standards; takes appropriate measures to eliminate risks or reduce impact of risk occurrence; and, to continuously improve its processes to meet or exceed requirements in accordance with contractual, moral and legal obligations to all its stakeholders.

ASSL is committed to operating and continually improving the effectiveness of its Quality Management System and to remain compliant with the requirements of ISO 18788, ISO 9001, ANSI PSC.1 as well as conform to industry codes of conduct, human rights obligations and, established and emerging good governance principles.

To achieve this, the objectives of ASSL’s Quality Management System are to:

  1. ensure that all its business activities, security operations and services are conducted with protection of human rights and public safety as first priorities.
  2. conform to applicable local and international industry standards and best practices that assure consistent and improved quality of products and services.
  3. continuously improve processes, procedures, capabilities and information through a documented, ‘living’ framework for systematically monitoring, measuring, auditing and reviewing our business process and quality of service delivery for compliance to requirements of established standards and principles.
  4. maintain a system to measure our performance and customer satisfaction status, with customer input, and, continuously seek opportunities for improvement.
  5. ensure a robust, enterprise-wide risk and resilience management process to avoid, prevent and reduce the likelihood and consequences of disruptive or undesirable events of all scales and levels.
  6. achieve complete satisfaction with our services by our customers.
  7. achieve the highest level of employee satisfaction possible.

The attainment of standards embodied in the Quality Management System requires commitment and participation of all members of the organization as well as suppliers and subcontractors.

ASSL’s quality of service delivery shall be derived from the performance of each of its Business Units.

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