Alternative Security Services Limited

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Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) is committed to being an industry leader in health, safety and environmental practices.

ASSL recognises that the management of health, safety and environmental issues is the primary responsibility of Executive Management. Management shall ensure that all employees are equipped with the necessary resources (equipment, finance and personnel) to fulfil duties in a safe manner without negative consequences to the environment.

The company recognises that this policy can only be successfully implemented with the involvement of all employees, clients and contractors. Management shall therefore actively promote and encourage the involvement and participation of all employees and relevant stakeholders on matters affecting their health and safety. Open communication shall be facilitated by means of HSE Committees and Safety Meetings.

ASSL shall comply with all legal requirements and generally accepted work practices and procedures for the protection of the environment and promotion of health and safety of its employees and associated stakeholders. ASSL is committed to continuously improving our HSE performance and looks to achieve this by auditing, monitoring, reviewing and achieving our strategic objectives and targets.

The Board of Directors, Managers and Supervisors at all levels of the organization are committed to maintaining all Company owned assets, inclusive of HSE critical equipment in accordance to manufactures specification and best practice.

ASSL is committed to providing adequate control of the health safety and environmental risks arising from our work activities. ASSL shall ensure that hazards associated with all jobs are adequately analyzed and measures implemented to mitigate identified risks. We shall provide such information, training, and supervision, as need for this purpose.

ASSL continuously strives towards improving our safety culture by developing a high degree of HSE awareness and competency enhancement throughout our entire workforce.

Management shall ensure all the necessary resources are in place to allow the organization to respond to all emergencies in a timely manner.

All ASSL employees are committed to working conscientiously and diligently to execute the Company’s health safety and environmental policy of maintaining the highest standards with minimal damage to the environmental and zero tolerance to injury.

These commitments are supported by an integrated management system covering all operations within the Company

It is the responsibility of every employee to adhere to this Policy in the performance of their operational activities

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